Everyday Wine

I have some special wines I’m saving that I won’t simply open if my friend Jeff wants a glass of “Chardonnay” or if I want a single glass with dinner. Now I’ll open any wine any day of the week of psyched, but sometimes you just want a decent wine. An everyday wine.

Your choice of everyday wines may vary greatly and might be $5-$10 wines or $50-$70 wines. One fellow wine loving friend of mine doesn’t believe in everyday wines. He doesn’t drink that often, absolutely loves wines, and wants every glass to be special. But for most of us having some decent yet not special wines hanging around we can open without thinking for any occasion or non-occasion is great. Fortunately there are more wonderful and cheap wines that ever before and they are widely available.

Now what you like is particular to you, and if you like it then it is good, but here is where I have been finding my everyday wines lately.

Let’s start with white wines. My favorites include are Sauvignon Blanc from Chile and New Zealand. Bright and fruity, these are always tasty wines. Pinot Grigio from Italy is also superb. And Pinot Grigio is very food friendly. Almost any bottle is decent. Avoid the expensive heavily marketed ones as often most of the expense goes to marketing, not grapes and winemaking.

I also love Chardonnays but rarely buy them from California. Cheaper white Burgundies are superb and I often stock up on these, although the vintage does matter unlike the whites mentioned above. I also like Chards from Chile and New Zealand,

Red wines choices have lately been Malbecs and also Cabernet Sauvignon from Argentina and Chile. There are so many available almost anywhere and most of them are very good. Australia also has good values but quite honestly I’m tired of them lately. Spain is full of great values in reds and I’ll often buy a handful of new bottles and then pick up cases of my favorites.

Everyday wines are where I experiment the most. I feel free to buy almost anything that is not too experiment. You probably should be too. I regularly will rotate my everyday wines as well as there is so much good value variety available! I'm trying South Africans now and some are fantastic and cheap!

It’s a problem too many of my wine collectors have. They may have thousands of bottles, but nothing to casually open. Nothing they can cook with when a recipe calls for a glass of wine. It’s worth occasionally going and stocking up on everyday wines to avoid this problem.