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Wine Barn, what’s a wine barn? Obviously somewhere to store wine!

I love wine. I’ll talk about some of my favorites below. Some of the greatest wines in the world get better with age, when properly stored. You would never store beef, chicken, or milk inappropriately, so why do so many people store wine horribly?

Wine likes cool temperatures like any perishable substance, darkness, and humidity to keep the cork moist. That’s why traditionally wine has been stored in cold, damp cellars, many of which exist in parts of Europe. We don’t have them in much of the world however.

Instead of naturally cold and damp cellars (called “passive cellars”), many of us have “active cellars.” These are typically parts of a basement that are well insulated, dark, and artificially cooled. Think air conditioning, but wine cellar specific air conditioning that has granular control and maintains humidity. A lot of us think 55 degrees Fahrenheit is about perfect.

I once had a glorious wine cellar. Okay, it was exactly 7 by 7 by 7 feet inside, and filled with so much wine that you could barely move around, but ‘twas great. Then my marriage ended, a wonderful thing actually.

I moved to commercial wine storage. I rented a locker (actually three) in a commercial facility designed to store wine. It worked, but I missed having a few hundreds of choices of wines available in my house. It was over an hour drive away, their hours basically sucked, and sometimes finding a specific bottle of wine literally required moving a few hundred pounds of wine.

I have no functional cellar in my new place. But I do have barn. I’ve converted one good sized room in my barn to a wine cellar. Installed insulation, vapor barriers, a WhisperKool cooling unit, etc. My Wine Barn rocks!

I love most wines (I’m not going to say all, for example White Zinfandel sucks. If you like it, well more power to you. Liking cheap wine is a blessing!) . I do have three favorites for sure, that I cellar (or “barn” more of) them than anything else.

I love Port! Traditional fortified wine from Portugal! I have cases of birthyear bottles for my son stashed away he can probably drink well into is 50s and beyond. A great online source for Port info is Roy Hersh’s Site

On the opposite end of the spectrum from ultra red, heavy, and sweet is Champagne. It is so versatile with food, great on its own, and tasty.  Click Here for the awe inspiring Champagne Poodle website!

German Rieslings are also high on my list. Food friendly, always tasty, and often naturally low in alcohol, they rock! The Noodle Website is covering these wines damn recently.

On this site I hope to write on some of my passions with wine. No hurry, it’s only 2013 as of this writing, and I’ll be drinking a long time I hope.

I’m aiming for an article every month or so, and if I make that, why there will be a hefty 60 awesome articles in mere 5 years or less!


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